Kagami Baraki 2018

As we start the New Year we will be undertaking the New Year vows and setting goals and objective for the coming year in a collective pledge create a better life for all.
Most importantly is the goal of recommitting ourselves towards creating a better world through karate and the Kenbu Kai organization is very serious about this important and necessary aspect of its karate development.
Karate teaching instills in its practitioners the value of courage, heroism, dignity, character development and confidence. This is able to be achieved through arduous and serious training in Kata and Kumite and the ability to develop patience through hard physical and mental training for the betterment of self, of the community around us, the society at large and our country and then the world.
With so much negativity experienced in the world today karate becomes an important and necessary tool towards conflict resolutions, human to human communication and towards giving ordinary people hope, dignity, a sense of belonging and the ability to contribute towards creating a better life for self and all.
The IKKO will be having its Kagami Baraki ( polishing the mirror) New Years goal setting on the 13 and 14 January 2018, we encourage all to join us at SASCOC House and Ethel Gray Park for two days of polishing the mirror so we can see clearly for the New Year, what needs to be achieved for the coming year. Come join us!
Or conduct you own Kagami Baraki with those in your vicinity. See you All on the dojo floor, the place where we find the way for life.


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